Iowa Region of Narcotics Anonymous


This is our meeting list search page. There are multiple ways to search for a meeting. You can click on the map and a list of meeting will appear that are close to where you clicked. You can use one of the options listed at the top of search to find a meeting near mefind one near me later today, or find one near me tomorrow. You can do a text search by clicking on Search by Text instead of map. With the text option you enter an address and click on this is a location box and meeting close to this address will appear. With the text option you can also search by meeting name, street, city or county. You can also click on the more options link under the map to search by weekday, format or service committee.

Format Key:

0 - Open Meeting (Anyone may attend); C - Closed Meeting (Addicts Only); Sm - Smoking Permitted; WC - Wheelchair Accessible; NC - No Children; CS - Children under Supervision; M - Men's Meeting; W - Women's Meeting; OE - Open-Ended, No fixed end time; NM - No Meeting on Holiday Weekend; CW - Closed Day before Thanksgiving; CH - Closed Holidays; St - Step Meeting; Tr - Traditions Meeting; D -Disscussion Meeting; To - Topic Meeting; BT - Basic Text Study; RF - Rotating Format; So - Speaker Meeting; ES - Espanol; SD - Speaker/Discussion; LC - Living Clean Text Study; JT - Just for Today Text Study; LS -Literature Study; Rr- Round Robin; AB - Ask-It-Basket; CL - Meeting by Candlelight; SG - Step Working Guide Study; IW - It Works -How and Why Study; BK - Study of approved NA Books; B - Beginners or New Members; E - Meeting is a member of the Eastern Nebraska Area

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